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Based on intended market of the API and ensuring levels of GMP required, Sharon have 2 API manufacturing facilities located at M.I.D.C. Taloja, Navi Mumbai. Both facilities (Unit 1 – W34 , Unit 2 – L6) are capable of handling range of reactions such as   Alkylations ,Amination,Benzoylation,Chlorosulphonation,Condensation,Friedel-Crafts Acylation, Grignard Reactions, Halogenation,Hoffmann Reaction,Nitration,Oxidations,Reductions,Sulphonation .
Grignard Reaction
Friedel-Crafts Acylation - used for Products
Hoffmann Reaction - used for Products
Chlorosulphonation used for Products
API UNIT 1 - Taloja, Navi Mumbai. Commissioned in the year 1995

Salient Features

  • Multiproduct manufacturing site - Ideal for manufacturing multi stage products,Intermediates and APIs
  • Reaction Capacity - 60 K Litres

  • Multiproduct manufacturing site
  • Over 60,000 litres reaction capacity
  • Stainless Steel (SS) and Glass Lined (GL) Reactors of various capacities
  • Equipped to handle variety of chemical reactions
  • Ideal for manufacturing multi stage products, Intermediates and APIs
API UNIT 2 - Taloja, Navi Mumbai. Commissioned in the year 2009

Salient Features

  • Facility in compliance with ICH Q7 guidelines
  • 3 Independent Production lines, with total capacity of 40 KL
  • WHO-GMP Certified
  • Approved by KFDA

  • KFDA Approved & WHO GMP certified unit with cGMP controls
  • Manufacturing in accordance with ICH Q7
  • CEP received for Trimetazidine Dihydrochloride
  • 2 more CEP's filed (upto May 2011) and over 12 more CEPs/DMF filing in pipeline
  • 3 independent manufacturing and powder processing lines which are further subdivided into 8 block to provide flexibility and segregation in manufacturing
  • Over 40,000 litres reaction capacity and over 2000 kg packaging per day
  • 1000 litres per hour RO-EDI water systems with closed loop circulation for Purified water
  • Equipped with High pressure reaction capabilities in SS-316 & Hastealloy-C and also Chromatographic  Separation columns
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